How to use the hypnosis DVDs/videos

This only applies to the Glenn Harrold hypnotherapy DVDs and video downloads.

You need to create a time and space where you can watch the DVD/video hypnotherapy session from start to finish. Each DVD/video will guide you into a hypnotic trance state and then bring you back to full waking consciousness at the end. It is important to watch and listen to the sessions in their entirety.

It is best to use the DVDs/videos at a quiet time when you will not be disturbed. If possible, listen through headphones so you will not be distrurbed and the suggestions will be integrated on a deep level. However this is not essential and normal TV or PC speakers will work just fine.

When you see the subliminal phrases (printed on back cover) flash on your screen for a split second, you do not need to consciously read them. In your relaxed state your unconscious mind will naturally absorb these affirmations. It is preferable that you do not attempt to read them.

It is recommended that you initially watch the individual DVDs/videos on a daily basis. Take a moment to focus consciously on what you want to achieve before you begin each session. The DVDs/videos are completely safe and very effective when you follow all the instructions clearly.


To listen to the audios from a mobile device please choose the “Listen in Browser” option on the audio playback page.

Please also make sure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi or 4G connection before streaming the audios, otherwise they may buffer and interrupt your listening experience.